Countdown Until Santa Visits:

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Invite Santa’s Elf to live with your family this Christmas period

elf exampleWe have spoken to Santa, and he is allowing his top ranking elf to go and stay with each boy and girl this Christmas season. Angel is a very curious elf and may get up to mischief while you are asleep or awake; being naughty or nice. So, be good for goodness sake because he is in charge of reporting directly back to Santa, about all the fun he is having in your home and your children’s Christmas wishes.

Angel is very expressive; Santa has shared some of Angel’s fun and mischievous moments.

blog style - different inetractive moments with Angel- perhaps 9 (3x3)

background- burlap sack with present at the top??

create magical memories this christmas season text

example 1

example 1 scene

example 4

example 4 scene

example 2

example 1 scene

example 5

example 5 scene

example 3

example 3 scene

example 6

example 6 scene

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