Countdown Until Santa Visits:

Meet Angel

example seatedI live at the North Pole in Elf Village.  I love working with my family and friends but I have always been adventurous.  My job is to make sure that all the good boys and girls get the toys that they really want.  I used to check the toys to make sure that they work properly but I got promoted to this and I really want to be the best at my job.  I have been working ever since I was a younger and able to walk and talk.  When I am not doing my job I like to make snow castles and create new toys.  My adventurous side opened up something new here at the elf village and Santa likes it a lot.  I was wondering around thru a little town near the North Pole and I smelled something delicious coming from a house.  The smell was so amazing that I snuck inside and that is when I got to see a real family and how the kids and their parents and pets interacted.  It was so interesting.  I had to freeze in place so not to get noticed.  Once everyone was asleep I was able to sneak back out and get back home.  I ran and told Santa what I saw and he thought that I should get other elves together to journey out and see how little boys and girls truly are.  We decided that the most important time is after thanksgiving right up to Christmas Eve.  Santa and the other elves are so busy getting the final touches done for Santa’s trip that the naughty and nice list sometimes isn’t perfect.  When I went out and got stuck at a family’s house once and I came back and told Santa all about what I saw he was amazed.  He then told me that I need to get the elves together and go out to see what is going on and report back to the elves that run the naughty and nice list.  Now we have been doing this for generations and it has worked out great and the children who we visit like having us around and we like it too.  Maybe you would want one of us to visit you and your family?

buy a ticket for angel

Santa said it is okay for Angel to visit you after Thanksgiving but he needs a ticket for the train. Buy a ticket today so Angel can visit your family this Christmas season.

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